In case you haven't noticed, the world has faced some pretty big challenges recently, and they are certain to keep coming. Yes, times like this can be overwhelming, but they also bring new opportunities. We can help you not only survive difficult times, but position you to thrive in the future. Whether you're considering new technologies, adjusting to the new normal of hybrid work, debating whether to invest in new initiatives, evaluating M&A scenarios, or seeking funding, we can help! Our highly experienced and competent professionals can provide strategic analysis, guidance, and implementation services that will lead to a successful outcome.

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Overview of services...
OVERVIEW OF SERVICES Strategy Systems Processes People Communications Industries Engagement
We help all types of organizations solve strategically significant problems. Our solutions typically include efforts along multiple dimensions, as shown above. Click or tap a shape for more information.
Information systems are an essential component of nearly every business today. With our depth and breadth of experience in technology, we can help you with: Big data / analytics • Migration to cloud / hybrid computing • Custom application development • Systems integration • Quality assurance • R&D process
Even if you have the best people and the most powerful systems, they will be completely useless without the right business processes in place. You can take advantage of our many years of experience with: Process development and optimization • Change management • Project, product & program management • Data-driven metrics & monitoring • Industry-specific analysis of benchmarks and best practices • Custom dashboard development
Your people are your greatest asset, and you should invest in them accordingly. We can help with: Tools and techniques for employee engagement • Creation of intrapreneurial / innovation culture • Programs for mentoring and career development • Optimization of organization, leadership, and teams • Integration of outsourced or distributed teams • Knowledge retention and business continuity • Conflict resolution
Today the modus operandi guiding communication seems to be “broadcast only”. Messaging lacks clarity and people are not heard. Our team at Swiss Approach will create strategies and plans to bring clarity to your communication and ensure that all stakeholders are heard and understood. We can help you with: Corporate communication • Marketing communication • Internal communication • Social media strategy • Presentation and sales training
Strategy is at the heart of everything we do. Regardless of the nature of the work we do for any given client, it is imperative that we work together to define the significance of the effort in view of the overall company strategy.

We offer the following services around strategy: Development of mission / vision • Formulation of high level plan to execute strategy • Research of market and competition • Financial analysis of alternative paths • Business plans for startups and established firms • M&A advisory and valuation
As a general solutions provider, we can work with virtually any organization to help with strategic initiatives. For cases that require specific know-how, we partner with individuals and firms that we can quickly locate through our global network. Our own consultants have strong, proven competencies in the following areas: Broadcast media • Internet / e-commerce • Startups, venture capital • Education management • Gastronomy / retail services • Banking, finance, insurance • Automotive • Pharmaceuticals / life sciences
We consider every engagement to be a partnership with the client. Therefore, we tend to favor longer relationships with tangible results over quick “gigs”. A typical case involves strategic advisory and at least two of the dimensions depicted here – systems, processes, people, and communications.

We will work with you to assemble a team of business and/or technical experts who will collaborate closely with your staff to position your firm on the optimal strategic trajectory, with measurable results based on our methodology. Please note the following:
  • Each case is unique, but we typically request a minimum commitment of 2-3 consultants over 3-6 months.
  • We are happy to travel to wherever you are in the world for on-site collaboration, particularly during critical junctures. Depending on the situation, we may do part or all of the work remotely from our offices.
  • We customarily bill on a time-and-material basis, by the day. However we are also open to arrangements that are based on performance targets.
  • We are also happy to provide highly qualified professionals for temporary leadership positions, in the event of fast growth or unexpected staff vacancies.

WHY ENGAGE US Chatbots Mobile first Recruitainment Hadoop NIRP Service as a service Emotional analytics Ransomware Holacracy Blockchain Embedded derivatives iOt Happiness index Fog computing API integration Smart beta Tweetstorm Business is complicated... Sometimes you just need a helping hand, so that you have the sense of clarity and purpose that you need to focus on what matters... running your business. How can we help your business reach new heights? Let us hear from you.