How do you navigate one of the most turbulent business environments of the past century? Not by accepting the status quo, that's for sure. Accomplishing goals among conditions of uncertainty requires flexibility and creativity, as well as knowing how to do more with less - leveraging new technologies, using optimal financial structures, applying bold management techniques. This is where we come in, forging holistic solutions that are simultaneously sophisticated, yet unexpectedly simple and elegant. The impact? Learning to embrace rather than resist change.

HOW WE DO IT PISTE method Want to learn more about how we work? We would gladly spend some time with you and make a custom proposal. Please get in touch. Our approach... OUR APPROACH 1. What is the goal? 2. How should we do it? 3. Can we get it done on time? 4. What is the expected rate of return?

Never lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing.
Make sure you truly understand the problem before you start working on the solution.
Don't just make decisions based on hunches. Back them up with sound logic and data.
Respect the viewpoints of all stakeholders who will be affected by a decision.
Measure the impact of an effort, no matter how small, in the context of overall strategy, not in isolation.
We would be happy to describe our process in detail, and to explain how it can benefit your organization. Simply contact us to arrange a visit. The Swiss Approach is a mindset, a methodology, and a set of tools that we have developed over many years of working with clients. Our approach evolves every day as we continue to learn and as the world changes around us. However, the following tenets remain at its core: purpose Why define what “done” means net benefit to stakeholders The right solution starts with the right questions...
PISTE "Business is stagnant and the competition is gaining on us. You need to show bold leadership and make some big changes!" "You blew the numbers by making big changes... we need stability, not recklessness!" "Your team is taking forever to get this project completed. Do whatever it takes to get it out the door by next week!" "You rushed a buggy product out the door, and now customers are complaining. Don't you care about quality?" "We need to act like a startup. Think of ways to make your team more innovative" "Looks like you're doing some fun stuff here, but how does it help our core business? Stay focused." Sound familiar? Yeah, thought so. Planning Intelligence for Strategic and Tactical Equilibrium Let's talk CASE STUDIES

Television Network (US)

Problem: Company faces new competitive threats, needs to modernize in order to remain an industry leader.

Solution: Use sophisticated mathematical approach to optimize inventory as part of new sales and planning system.

Client Quote: "clear, focused analysis… exceptional blend of business savvy and technical know-how… solid, dependable."
The Bottom Line: Data analysis and automation not only drive costs down, but improve the customer experience and make people's jobs more meaningful.
Industrial Supplier (DE)

Problem: After acquisition of a smaller firm, business processes and systems need to be standardized and streamlined.

Solution: Planning and implementation of strategic IT roadmap.

Client Quote: "brought a unique perspective and innovative ideas to the table… can be trusted to provide the most professional, imaginative, and forward-thinking solution."
The Bottom Line: M&A is never easy, and expert guidance can help to align the new organization in ways that realize previously untapped potential.
Fashion Startup (FR / CH)

Problem: Entrepreneur has gotten firm off the ground and wants to expand internationally, but is not sure of the best path forward.

Solution: Strategic advice, goal setting, facilitation.

Client Quote: "unbiased, outside perspective is of great value… out-of-the-box thinking, can-do spirit and dynamic approach."
The Bottom Line: When you are busy running a startup, you sometimes see only trees and not the forest – a trusted advisor can give you the perspective you need to make the right strategic decisions.
As a company and as individuals, we have solved many challenging business problems throughout our careers. Please click or tap on the thumbnails to view summaries of a few representative cases.

Naturally, discretion is a linchpin of the consultant-client relationship, so companies are only referred to in generic terms.

For more information about these success stories, such as the scope of the project, the personnel involved, and the tools and techniques used, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to provide more details.
Mobile App Developer (CH)

Problem: A unique application company must reevaluate their business model in an effort to generate a return on invested capital.

Solution: Evaluate and adjust the business model to ensure a consistent revenue stream. This means pivoting towards new partnerships, monetized operations, and an expanded target market.
The Bottom Line: The client needs to pivot in order to profit; by providing them with various business models we guided this team to improving their earnings, while also refreshing their direction.
Studio Space Entrepreneur (CH)

Problem: Artistic entrepreneur on a passionate mission, lacking business strategy background, starts a company that needs a complete go-to-market strategy in order to form and survive.

Solution: Evaluate the client’s idea feasibility, adjust accordingly, and develop a sustainable business model that preserves the creative vision.
The Bottom Line: This visionary transformed their dream into a structured company as we provided extensive business model development and financial planning.
Fintech Startup (CH)

Problem: New crowdfunding, lending, and factoring online platform needs to build their user base, online visibility, and credibility.

Solution: Strategically target a diverse group of individuals interested in using all segments of the platform; while also driving online exposure by developing various areas of communications.
The Bottom Line: By executing a business development strategy aimed to increase users and online legitimacy, we sent this client to market on a solid, expandable foundation.